Shooting is the act or process of firing rifles, shotguns or other projectile weapons such as bows or crossbows. Even the firing of artillery, rockets and missiles can be called shooting. A person who specializes in shooting is a marksman. Shooting can take place in a shooting range or in the field in hunting, in shooting sports or in combat.

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William Frank Carver - Shooting Career
... Carver migrated to California in 1876 where he honed his shooting skills ... success in California, Carver went on tour giving exhibitions of shooting prowess, which included endurance contests as well as target competitions ... The scene of yesterday’s shooting is worthy of description ...
New Zealand Sea Cadet Corps - Activities - Shooting
... Each year the Smitt Trophy shooting competition is held between all the Sea Cadet Units in New Zealand ...
Oneal Moore
... members of the Ku Klux Klan in a drive-by shooting on Wednesday, June 2, 1965 ... Rogers survived the shooting with injuries, and managed to broadcast a description of the pickup truck on his police radio ... Two suspects in the shooting were arrested in Mississippi not long afterward, one including Ernest Ray McElveen, but no charges were filed in the case due to a lack of ...
Ugartechea - Further Changes
... At that time, the shooting of driven pheasant and partridge at large English country houses and pigeons in Spanish pigeon rings was very popular ... These shooting sports required shotguns that could be repaired in the field ... Driven shooting and pigeon rings became less and less accessible, and sidelocks came to be considered more of a luxury ...
Shooting Supplies
... Government legislation in most countries requires shooters to have some form of shooting licence, and firearms are typically only available from registered firearms dealers ...

Famous quotes containing the word shooting:

    Writing or printing is like shooting with a rifle; you may hit your reader’s mind, or miss it;Mbut talking is like playing at a mark with the pipe of an engine; if it is within reach, and you have time enough, you can’t help hitting it.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809–1894)

    Her eyes the glow-worm lend thee,
    The shooting stars attend thee;
    Robert Herrick (1591–1674)

    One ... aspect of the case for World War II is that while it was still a shooting affair it taught us survivors a great deal about daily living which is valuable to us now that it is, ethically at least, a question of cold weapons and hot words.
    M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992)