Rocket Propulsion

  • (noun): Reaction propulsion using stored oxygen for combustion; used where there is insufficient atmospheric oxygen.

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White Sands Test Facility - Activities and Facilities - Rocket Propulsion
... As the official Johnson Space Center (JSC) Propulsion Systems Development Facility, WSTF participates in propulsion systems testing, with test expertise in hypergolic propellant ... Shuttle Fleet Leader for testing orbital maneuvering and reaction control subsystems.WSTF Propulsion White Sands Test Facility offers numerous ambient pressure and altitude ... Ambient Testing Fleet Leader Testing Unique Propulsion Test Expertise ...
Hybrid Rocket - Organizations Working On Hybrids
... Space Propulsion Group was founded in 1999 by Dr ... and others from Stanford University to develop high regression-rate liquefying hybrid rocket fuels ... in some US government funded research on hybrid rockets including the "Vortex Hybrid" concept ...
Fairey Aviation Company - Missiles and Drones
... The Beta I rocket had two jets, one of which could be swivelled laterally and the other vertically, according to signals from an autopilot ... Fairey Rocket Test Vehicle 1, formerly known as LOPGAP ("Liquid Oxygen and Petrol Guided Anti-Aircraft Projectile") ... Company of Australasia Pty Ltd was awarded a contract to build 40 RTV1e rockets ...

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    Along a parabola life like a rocket flies,
    Mainly in darkness, now and then on a rainbow.
    Andrei Voznesensky (b. 1933)