Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a chemical compound with the formula N2O. It is an oxide of nitrogen. At room temperature, it is a colorless, non-flammable gas, with a slightly sweet odor and taste. It is used in surgery and dentistry for its anesthetic and analgesic effects. It is known as "laughing gas" due to the euphoric effects of inhaling it, a property that has led to its recreational use as a dissociative anesthetic. It is also used as an oxidizer in rocketry and in motor racing to increase the power output of engines. At elevated temperatures, nitrous oxide is a powerful oxidizer similar to molecular oxygen.

Nitrous oxide gives rise to NO (nitric oxide) on reaction with oxygen atoms, and this NO in turn reacts with ozone. As a result, it is the main naturally occurring regulator of stratospheric ozone. It is also a major greenhouse gas and air pollutant. Considered over a 100-year period, it has 298 times more impact 'per unit weight' (Global warming potential) than carbon dioxide.

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Nitrous Oxide - Legality
... In the United States, possession of nitrous oxide is legal under federal law and is not subject to DEA purview ... prohibiting the sale or distribution of nitrous oxide for the purpose of human consumption ... Many states have laws regulating the possession, sale, and distribution of nitrous oxide ...
Climate Change In Washington - Pollution
... Washington include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and other gases that contribute to global warming ... For instance, one pound of nitrous oxide is 296 times more potent than a pound of carbon dioxide in contributing to global warming ... quantities of gases emitted into the environment, like nitrous oxide, can have significant impacts on global warming ...
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... During induction of general anesthesia when a large volume of nitrous oxide is taken up from alveoli into pulmonary capillary blood, the concentration of gases remaining in the alveoli ... of the contraction in volume associated with the uptake of the nitrous oxide ... negative intrapulmonary pressure associated with the uptake of the nitrous oxide ...
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    The sight of a planet through a telescope is worth all the course on astronomy; the shock of the electric spark in the elbow, outvalues all the theories; the taste of the nitrous oxide, the firing of an artificial volcano, are better than volumes of chemistry.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)