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National Security Council (Turkey) - Recent Reforms
... membership negotiations, the Copenhagen criteria, Turkey has passed a number of reforms aiming at strengthening civil control over the military ... These reforms have mainly focused on the MGK, its duties, functioning and composition ... the Turkish Grand National Assembly passed the "seventh reform package", which aimed at limiting the role of the military, through reforms of the MGK ...
Armenian Reform Package
... The Armenian reform package was a reform plan devised by the European powers in 1912-1914 that envisaged the creation of two provinces in Turkish Armenia (Western Armenia) placed under ... The reform package was signed into law on February 8, 1914, though it was ultimately abolished on December 16, 1914, several months after Turkey's entry into World War I ... government for intervention in favor of reforms in Armenian-inhabited vilayets ...
Democratic Development In Hong Kong - Post-1997 - 2010 Amendments For LegCo Vote
... Key proposals remained unchanged when Chief Secretary Henry Tang unveiled the package to be put before LegCo ... pro-democracy legislators intimated their preparedness to vote down the package if no further progress is made on democracy ... Civic Party lawmaker Audrey Eu said any reform package that increased the number of functional constituency seats was "regressive and unacceptable" the Democratic Party counter-proposed ...

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    The prostitute is the scapegoat for everyone’s sins, and few people care whether she is justly treated or not. Good people have spent thousands of pounds in efforts to reform her, poets have written about her, essayists and orators have made her the subject of some of their most striking rhetoric; perhaps no class of people has been so much abused, and alternatively sentimentalized over as prostitutes have been but one thing they have never yet had, and that is simple legal justice.
    —Alison Neilans. “Justice for the Prostitute—Lady Astor’s Bill,” Equal Rights (September 19, 1925)