Portuguese may refer to:

  • Something from or related to the country Portugal
  • Portuguese language, natively spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, East Timor and other countries
    • Portuguese dialects, variants of the Portuguese language
  • Portuguese people, an ethnic group native to the country of Portugal
  • Portuguese cuisine

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Battle Of Fuentes De Oñoro - Background
... Masséna had followed the British-Portuguese back to Lisbon the previous year, until arriving before the Lines of Torres Vedras ... a miserable winter, the French withdrew to the Spanish border with the British-Portuguese army following them ... The British and Portuguese army had 34,000 infantry, 1,850 cavalry, and 48 guns ...
... The correct Portuguese spelling is Závora, and some maps refer to the area as "Ponta de Závora", Portuguese for "Tip of Zavora" or "Praia de Závora" meaning "Beach of Zavora" ... Although the local people can speak Shangaan and Portuguese, the local language is Chopi ... remains some old buildings that still exist from after the Portuguese left Mozambique ...
Newport Tower (Rhode Island) - Alternative Hypotheses - Portuguese
... Delabarre associated the Dighton Rock with the lost Portuguese navigators Miguel Corte-Real and his brother Gaspar ... This Portuguese hypothesis has been supported more recently by Manuel Luciano DaSilva, who suggests that one of the Corte-Real brothers built the Newport Tower as ... The idea of Portuguese construction of the tower was also supported by former U.S ...
Battle Of Fuentes De Oñoro - Organization - The British-Portuguese Army
... divisions, Charles Ashworth's independent Portuguese brigade and three cavalry brigades ... supervised four British (Ross RHA, Bull RHA, Lawson, Thompson) and four Portuguese (Arentschildt (2), Da Cunha, Rozierres) 6-gun batteries ... William Erskine (5th Division), Alexander Campbell (6th Division) and 300 Portuguese cavalry under Count Barbacena were detached, facing the French II Corps ...
Joly Braga Santos - Biography
... of Lisbon, he became a disciple of Luís de Freitas Branco (1890–1955), the leading Portuguese composer of the preceding generation ... He was undoubtedly the leading Portuguese symphonist of the 20th century, and perhaps of all time ... to establish a connection between contemporary music and the golden age of Portuguese music the Renaissance ...