Ordination of Women

Ordination in general religious usage is the process by which a person is consecrated (set apart for the administration of various religious rites). The ordination of women is a regular practice among some major religious groups, as it was of several religions of antiquity. It remains a controversial issue in religions or denominations in which the rite of ordination, or the role that an ordained person fulfills, has traditionally been restricted to men, either because of cultural prohibition, theological doctrine, or both.

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Constance Cook - Ordination of Women
... in the Episcopal Church by a reformist bishop, but had been one of 11 women who were not granted a license by the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. 1976 that "no one shall be denied access" to ordination in the church based on gender ... In November 1976, Ned Cole, the Bishop who had blocked Schiess' ordination, indicated that he would have her ordained in ceremonies to be held in January 1977 ...
Seventh-day Adventist Theology - Other Doctrinal Issues - Ministry and Worship - Ordination of Women
... church does not officially, at this time, support the ordination of women to ministry within its standard procedures, instead women pastors in the denomination hold the ... In March 2012, several unions and conferences voted to support the ordination of women ... Division, the North German union conference voted in April 2012 to ordain women, and the Dutch union voted the same in November 2012 ...
Ordination Of Women - Some Significant Dates and Events
... requires expansion with decisions against women's ordination to balance the list A list with dates of important events in the history of women's ordination ... was the first woman to receive Buddhist ordination ... Late 18th century John Wesley allowed women to preach within his Methodist movement ...
Anglican Diocese Of Melbourne - Issues - Ordination of Women
... The diocese has ordained women to the diaconate since 1986 and to the priesthood since 1992. 2007 decision of the Appellate Tribunal opening the way for the consecration of women to the episcopate was welcomed by the present archbishop, Philip Freier ...

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    Two clergymen disputing whether ordination would be valid without the imposition of both hands, the more formal one said, “Do you think the Holy Dove could fly down with only one wing?”
    Horace Walpole (1717–1797)