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Culture Of New Jersey - Transportation - Rail and Bus
... the state and most end at either Pennsylvania Station, in New York City, or Hoboken Terminal in Hoboken ... The Newark Light Rail is the only subway system entirely in the state, but it is only partially underground ... Its Main Line connects Newark Penn Station in Downtown Newark with outer parts of the city, ending at Grove Street station in Bloomfield ...
Washington Park (NLR Station)
... Washington Park Station is a light rail station on the Newark Light Rail's Broad Street Extension ... It is located in Downtown Newark, New Jersey, on the southbound side of Broad Street between Bridge and Lombardy Streets adjacent to the park that lends its name to the station ... the afternoon rush hour carries many outgoing commuters from these buildings to Newark Penn Station ...
Newark Light Rail - Timeline - Historic Dates
... June 20, 1937 The extension to Newark Penn Station opens ... from its Park Place terminal and first operates into its new alignment at Newark Penn Station ... The #13, #27 and #43 lines are rerouted to Penn Station via the Cedar Street Subway the #27 and #43 had used the lower level of the Newark Public Service Terminal ...
List Of New Jersey Transit Bus Routes (300–399) - Routes - Northern Division
... Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York and/or Newark Penn Station New Jersey Turnpike - Interstate 195 Six Flags Great Adventure Meadowlands Howell Ironbound Full ... Parkway Meadowlands Sports Complex Meadowlands Full Service 361 Newark-Ivy Hill Springfield Avenue, 18th Avenue (Rush Hours Only) Newark Penn Station Hilton Exact Fare ...
Manhattan Transfer (PRR Station) - History
... a new line that branched off the original line two miles east of Newark ... across the Jersey Meadows to a pair of tunnels under the Hudson River to New York Penn Station ... Passenger trains bound for New York Penn changed at Manhattan Transfer from steam locomotives to electric locomotives to run through the tunnel under the river ...

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