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College Tuition In The United States - Disproportional Inflation of College Costs
... in a particular economic sector that is substantially greater than inflation in general costs of living ... This kind of inflation for medical costs in recent decades is well known ... the inflation of college tuition and fees exceeds that of medical costs ...
Willy Brandt - Chancellor - Chancellor of Domestic Reform
... The provision of the right to medical cancer screening to 23.5 million people ... public stipends for students to cover their living costs ... under the farmers’ pension scheme, medical benefits for all covered groups, and cash benefits for family workers under compulsory coverage for pension insurance ...
Unintended Pregnancy - By Country/region - United States of America - Costs and Potential Savings
... The public cost of unintended pregnancy is estimated to be about 11 billion dollars per year in short term medical costs ... This includes costs of births, one year of infant medical care and costs of fetal loss ... would save the public over 5 billion dollars per year in short term medical costs ...
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Economics
... The aggregate cost of irritable bowel syndrome in the United States has been estimated at $1.7–$10 billion in direct medical costs, with an additional $20 billion in indirect ... A study by a managed care company comparing medical costs of IBS patients to non-IBS controls identified a 49% annual increase in medical costs associated with a ... care organization found that IBS patients incurred average annual direct costs of $5,049 and $406 in out-of-pocket expenses ...

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    It is commonly said by farmers, that a good pear or apple costs no more time or pains to rear, than a poor one; so I would have no work of art, no speech, or action, or thought, or friend, but the best.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    As we speak of poetical beauty, so ought we to speak of mathematical beauty and medical beauty. But we do not do so; and that reason is that we know well what is the object of mathematics, and that it consists in proofs, and what is the object of medicine, and that it consists in healing. But we do not know in what grace consists, which is the object of poetry.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)