McCook may refer to:

  • Places
    • McCook, Illinois
    • McCook, Nebraska
    • McCook County, South Dakota
    • McCook Field, Ohio
    • McCook (Amtrak station), Nebraska
    • McCook Army Airfield, Nebraska
    • McCook Regional Airport, Nebraska
  • People
    • John McCook (1945-present), actor
    • Tommy McCook, Jamaican saxophonist
    • "The Fighting McCooks"
      • Daniel McCook (1798-1863), killed in action during US Civil War
        • Robert Latimer McCook (1827-1862), US general, killed during US Civil War, son of Daniel
        • Alexander McDowell McCook (1831-1903), US general, son of Daniel
        • John James McCook (lawyer) (b. 1845), soldier and lawyer, son Daniel
        • Daniel McCook, Jr. (1834-1864) soldier, killed in action during US Civil War, son of Daniel
        • Edwin S. McCook, (1837-1873), Governor of Dakota Territory son of Dan
      • John McCook, served in Civil war, brother of Daniel
        • Edward Moody McCook (1833-1909), soldier and governor, son of John
        • Anson George McCook (b. 1835), politician, son of John
        • Henry Christopher McCook (1837-1911), clergyman and naturalist, son of John
        • John James McCook (professor) (b. 1843), clergyman and professor, son of John
        • Roderick McCook (1839-1886)], U.S. Naval officer, son of John
    • Laurette Spang-McCook, American actress
  • Other
    • USS McCook, two different U.S. Navy ships

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George Wythe Mc Cook - Early Life and Career
... McCook was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, the son of a local attorney, Daniel McCook and Martha Latimer McCook ... of the "Ohio State Reports." During his term in office, McCook specialized in railroad law ... McCook was a delegate to the 1860 Democratic National Convention in Charleston, South Carolina ...
Alexander McDowell McCook - Civil War
... At the start of the Civil War, McCook was appointed colonel of the 1st Ohio Infantry in April 1861 ... McCook then commanded the 2nd Division in the Army of the Ohio at the Battle of Shiloh on the second day of fighting, and then in the subsequent campaign against Corinth ... McCook was given command of the I Corps in the Army of the Ohio ...
John James Mc Cook
... John James McCook (1806 – October 11, 1865), was a patriarch of the Fighting McCooks, one of the most prolific families in United States Army history ... McCook was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, to George and Mary McCormack McCook ... Not long afterward, John McCook also moved to the Buckeye State and established a practice in New Lisbon and later in Steubenville ...
List Of United States Political Families (M) - The McCooks
... George Wythe McCook (1821–1877), Attorney General of Ohio 1854–1856, delegate to the Republican National Convention 1860 ... Brother of Edward Stanton McCook ... Edwin Stanton McCook (1837–1873), Secretary of the Dakota Territory 1872–1873 ...
Battle Of Brown's Mill - Background
... McCook’s First Division of the cavalry of the Army of the Cumberland was to sever railroads southwest of the city ... Crossing the Chattahoochee River on a pontoon bridge erected at Smith’s Ferry, McCook’s cavalrymen reached Palmetto, where they cut the Atlanta West ... General McCook also gained a reputation for condoning and encouraging the destruction of civilian property ...