Mangal (or Manghal/Mangla) is an Indian surname. It is one of the original 18 gotras of the Agarwal clan. According to legend, these were established by Agrasen, a Hindu king who claimed descent from the mythological Suryavansha (Sun) dynasty in North India. He had 18 children and divided his kingdom among them, thus establishing the gotras which was collectively known as Agarwal. Argrasen's capital was Agroha, near present-day Hisar, Haryana. Agroha means land of Agrawals/Aggras.

  • Gotra/Surname : Mangal
  • Original Gotra : Maandav
  • Lord : Amritsen
  • Saint (Guru) : Mudragal/Mandavya
  • Branch : Sakalya
  • Sutra : Asusai

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