Majority Judgment

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Evaluating Voting Systems Using Criteria - Experimental Criteria
... Laraki, the inventors of the majority judgment system, performed such an investigation using a set of simulated elections based on the results from a poll of the 2007 French presidential ... voting with two different absolute approval thresholds, Condorcet voting, and majority judgment, they found that range voting had the highest (worst. 100%, 98%, and 94% of the time, respectively) majority judgement elected both centrists and extremists (56% extremists) and range, Borda, and approval voting with a lower approval threshold elected centrists (6 ...
Condorcet Criterion - Compliance of Methods - Non-complying Methods - Majority Judgment
... Majority Judgment is a system in which the voter gives all candidates a rating out of a predetermined set (e.g ... the median rating "fair", while C has the median rating "good" and hereby C is chosen winner by Majority Judgment ...
Later-no-harm Criterion - Examples - Majority Judgment - Conclusion
... Thus, Majority Judgment fails the Later-no-harm criterion ... Note, that Majority Judgment's failure to later-no-harm only depends on the handling of not-rated candidates ... would receive the best-possible rating, Majority Judgment would satisfy the later-no-harm criterion, but fail later-no-help ...

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    My beauty, though but mean,
    Needs not the painted flourish of your praise.
    Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    There is a delicate balance of putting yourself last and not being a doormat and thinking of yourself first and not coming off as selfish, arrogant, or bossy. We spend the majority of our lives attempting to perfect this balance. When we are successful, we have many close, healthy relationships. When we are unsuccessful, we suffer the natural consequences of damaged and sometimes broken relationships. Children are just beginning their journey on this important life lesson.
    —Cindy L. Teachey. “Building Lifelong Relationships—School Age Programs at Work,” Child Care Exchange (January 1994)