Luis, (Spanish form), Luís (Portuguese and Galician), Luis (archaic Galician), Lluís (Catalan form), or Luiz (archaic use in Portugal, but common in Brazil) is a masculine given name related to Louis.

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... Royalty of Portugal Luís I of Portugal (1838–1889), Portuguese king Infante Luis (1340-1340), first son of King Pedro I of Portugal Prince Luís, Duke of Beja (1506–1 ... Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Luis Enrique Martínez García, Spanish football player and manager Luis Ernesto Guzmán, Honduran football player Luis Ernesto José, Dominican boxer Luis Ernesto ... Esteves, Major General, Puerto Rican-American military leader Luis Fortuño, Governor of Puerto Rico (2009–present) Luis Gutiérrez, Puerto Rican-American political leader Luis Mangalus Taruc ...

Famous quotes containing the word luis:

    Literature is not exhaustible, for the sufficient and simple reason that a single book is not. A book is not an isolated entity: it is a narration, an axis of innumerable narrations. One literature differs from another, either before or after it, not so much because of the text as for the manner in which it is read.
    —Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986)

    The exercise of letters is sometimes linked to the ambition to contruct an absolute book, a book of books that includes the others like a Platonic archetype, an object whose virtues are not diminished by the passage of time.
    —Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986)

    Like all writers, he measured the achievements of others by what they had accomplished, asking of them that they measure him by what he envisaged or planned.
    —Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986)