Lords Spiritual

The Lords Spiritual of the United Kingdom, also called Spiritual Peers, are the 26 bishops of the established Church of England who serve in the House of Lords along with the Lords Temporal. The Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian, is not represented by spiritual peers. The Anglican churches in Wales and Northern Ireland are no longer established churches and are therefore not represented either.

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Introduction (House Of Lords) - Lords Spiritual Ceremony
... The ceremony for Lords Spiritual has been significantly simpler, and was not affected by the recommendations of the 1998 Committee ... The supporters of the Lords Spiritual are, in all cases, other Lords Spiritual the new member and the supporters wear their clerical robes ... archbishop or bishop shakes hands with the Lord Speaker ...
Members Of The House Of Lords - Lords Spiritual
... Bishopric Name Year entered Lords Year became English Diocesan Bishop The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams 2003 ... The Lord Archbishop of York John Sentamu 2005 ... and Ipswich Nigel Stock 2007 ... The Lord Bishop of Wakefield Stephen Platten 2003 ... The Lord Bishop of Worcester John Inge 2008. ...
Current State Religions - Christian Countries - Anglican
... Lords Spiritual, who are the 26 most senior Archbishops and Bishops in the Church are reserved seats in Parliament in the House of Lords ... the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have proposed reserved seats for the Lords Spiritual in a reformed House of Lords which would contain elected members ... been abandoned for this current Parliament and so all 26 Lords Spiritual remain in their reserved seats ...
Lords Spiritual - Criticism
... The reform is at odds with 56% of the British public who want the bishops to have no political influence in the House of Lords. ...
History Of Reform Of The House Of Lords - Reforms of Composition - Removal of The Lords Spiritual 1642
... The right of the Lords Spiritual to sit in the House of Lords, was removed during the Long Parliament under the Clergy Act 1640 (passed in 1642) ... After the restoration of the monarch in 1660 the Lords Spiritual were only readmitted to membership of the House of Lords when new legislation was passed ...

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