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Hybrid Rocket - Basic Concepts
... In its simplest form a hybrid rocket consists of a pressure vessel (tank) containing the liquid propellant, the combustion chamber containing the solid propellant, and a valve isolating the two ... The liquid propellant (or gas) flows into the combustion chamber where it is vaporized and then reacted with the solid propellant ... adjacent to the surface of the solid propellant ...
Propellant Used For Propulsion - Liquid Propellant
... Common propellant combinations used for liquid propellant rockets include Red fuming nitric acid (RFNA) and kerosene or RP-1 RFNA and Unsymmetrical ... This gives high specific impulse and is ideal for high velocity missions liquid oxygen hydrocarbon propellant system - Used for booster stages of ... hence allows for a more compact booster design storable propellant combinations - used in large rocket engines for first and second stages of ...
Liquid-propellant Rocket
... A liquid-propellant rocket or a liquid rocket is a rocket engine that uses propellants in liquid form ... Liquids are desirable because their reasonably high density allows the volume of the propellant tanks to be relatively low, and it is possible to use lightweight pumps to ... This permits the use of low mass propellant tanks, permitting a high mass ratio for the rocket ...
Titan IIIC - General Characteristics
... Stage 1 uses two LR87 liquid propellant engines ... Stage 2 uses one LR91 liquid propellant engine ... Stage 3 uses two Aerojet AJ-10-138 liquid propellant engines ...
Chinese Space Program - History and Recent Developments - After The Sino-Soviet Split
... left China, the first Soviet built R-2 rocket fueled with Chinese-made propellant was launched with success on September 10, 1960 ... A first liquid-propellant DF-3 medium-range ballistic missile was successfully launched from the Northern Missile Test Site on December 18, 1968, inaugurating the test site ... The all-liquid two-stage launcher was derived from the DF-5 ICBM ...

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