Koizumi (小泉 "small fountain") is a Japanese family name.

It may describe one of two Koizumi Stations.

It can refer to a number of people, including the following members of the prominent Koizumi family:

  • Junichirō Koizumi (小泉 純一郎, born 1942), former prime minister of Japan
  • Junya Koizumi (小泉 純也, 1904–1969), a second-generation Diet member and the father of Junichiro Koizumi
  • Matajirō Koizumi (小泉 又次郎, 1865–1951), Japanese politician and the father-in-law of Junya Koizumi
  • Kōtarō Koizumi (小泉 孝太郎, born 1978), an aspiring actor and the first son of Junichiro Koizumi
  • Shinjirō Koizumi (小泉 進次郎, born 1981), a fourth-generation Diet member and the second son of Junichiro Koizumi

Other individuals include:

  • Eiko Koizumi (小泉 栄子, born 1973), a Japanese beach volleyball player
  • Gunji Koizumi (小泉 軍治, 1885–1965), the founder of British Judo
  • Kyōko Koizumi (小泉 今日子, born 1966), singer and actress
  • Takashi Koizumi (小泉 堯史, born 1944), film director
  • Patrick Lafcadio Hearn or Yakumo Koizumi (小泉 八雲, 1850–1904), Irish-Greek-Japanese author
  • Yoshiaki Koizumi (小泉 歓晃, born 1968), video game designer

It can refer to a number of fictional characters, including:

  • Akako Koizumi, character in Magic Kaito
  • Itsuki Koizumi, character in Suzumiya Haruhi series
  • Mika Koizumi, character in Choudenshi Bioman
  • Risa Koizumi, the protagonist of Love Com
  • Several characters in Guru Guru Pon-chan, Ponta, Yuki, Soichiro, and Ji Koizumi

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