Karamanlis (Greek: Καραμανλής) may refer to:

  • Karamania, a region of Asia Minor in Turkey
  • Karamanlides, an Eastern Orthodox Christian who speaks Turkish

Karamanlis is also the name of a prominent Greek family whose members include:

  • Constantine Karamanlis, former President and Prime Minister of Greece
  • Constantine Alexandrou or "Kostas" Karamanlis, nephew of Constantine, former Prime Minister of Greece
  • Achilles Karamanlis, brother of Constantine, former Greek Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works
  • Anastasia Pazaiti-Karamanli, also known as Natasa Pazaïti, wife of Kostas Karamanlis
  • Marietta Karamanli, French politician

Karamanli may refer to:

  • Karamanli dynasty of Tripoli, including:
  • Ahmed Karamanli (r. 1711 - 1745), the dynasty's founder
  • Hamet Karamanli
  • Yusuf Karamanli (r. 1795 - 1832)
  • Karamanlı, Burdur, a district of Burdur Province, Turkey
  • Qaramanlı, Yevlakh Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • Qaramanlı, Neftchala (disambiguation), several places in Azerbaijan

Other articles related to "karamanlis":

Greek Legislative Election, 1961
... third consecutive victory for Constantine Karamanlis and his National Radical Union party, which won 176 of the 300 seats in Parliament ... Agrarian Front questioned the legality of the results, claiming that Karamanlis, the army and the palace rigged the vote ... struggle" (ανένδοτος αγών) against Karamanlis' government, demanding new elections ...
Metapolitefsi - First Years After Transition
... went on to win the Greek legislative election, 1977, and Karamanlis continued to serve as Prime Minister until May 10, 1980, when he succeeded Tsatsos as President of Greece and then cohabited for four ... expression of the metapolitefsi, namely the coming to power of a conservative leader such as Karamanlis, did not correspond to the changes which had ... Since 1974 Papandreou challenged Karamanlis' choices and objected to his dominant role in defining post-1974 democracy, while others political forces of the opposition, such as Center Union - New ...
Metapolitefsi Through Democracy: The Transition That Worked - Strategy of Democratization
... transition process became a "from above" project, whose weight had to fall on the shoulders of Karamanlis ... Karamanlis first legalized the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) that was constantly demonized by the junta, using this political move as a differentiator ... At the same time Karamanlis also freed all political prisoners and pardoned all political crimes against the junta ...
Kostas Karamanlis
... Konstantinos Alexandrou Karamanlis, known as Kostas Karamanlis (English Constantine Alexander Karamanlis, Greek ... On 5 October 2009, Karamanlis conceded defeat in the Greek legislative election and resigned as president of the New Democracy party after 12 years as its leader, after an election victory ...
National Radical Union
... Enosis) was a Greek political party formed in 1955 by Konstantinos Karamanlis out of the Greek Rally party ... Karamanlis resigned from the leadership of ΕRΕ in 1963 and was succeeded by Panagiotis Kanellopoulos ... The cause of Karamanlis' resignation was the hotly contested elections of 1961 (known as elections of "violence and fraud") ...