IRP may mean any of the following:

  • Institute of Recruitment Professionals Not for profit Institute providing qualifications, advice and career support for Recruitment Professionals
  • NIH Intramural Research Program (National Institutes of Health)
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Institutional Research and Planning, see Institutional research
  • Interest rate parity (IRP), says difference in interest between two countries will be offset by change in currency value
  • I/O request packets (IRPs) are structures that are used by Windows Driver Model (WDM) and Windows NT drivers to communicate with each other and the operating system. They are typically created by the I/O Manager on behalf of drivers.
  • The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, that was formed in the former Soviet Union and now operates across Central Asian states with the aim of forming Islamic States governed by Sharia.
  • Indianapolis Raceway Park until 2006, when the track was renamed O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis and renamed again in 2011 as Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis.
  • International Registration Plan is a registration reciprocity agreement for motor carriers.
  • International Resource Panel aims to help nations use natural resources sustainably.
  • Islamic Republic Party was the main political party in the early days after the Islamic revolution in Iran.
  • Integration Reference Point is a 3GPP standard for Fault and Configuration Management. Supports the CORBA interface.
  • Iron Regulatory Protein are proteins that can bind to iron response elements and affect mRNA translation, thereby regulating the synthesis of specific proteins.
  • The International Reporting Project, a non-profit project to foster increased journalistic attention on under-reported events worldwide.
  • The International Responsa Project run by The Schlesinger Institute. A non-profit project, the IRP provides clear halachic answers and guidances to medical-halachic problems.

Other articles related to "irp":

Iron-responsive Element-binding Protein - Function
... IRP2 is less abundant than IRP1 in most cells ... The strongest expression is in intestine and brain ...
Gluten Immunochemistry - Innate Immunity - Alpha Gliadin 31-43
... Gluten bears an innate response peptide (IRP) found on α-9 gliadin, at positions 31-43 and on α-3, 4, 5, 8, and 11 gliadins ... The IRP lies within a 25 amino-acid long region that is resistant to pancreatic proteases ... IRP induced the rapid expression of interleukin 15 (IL15) and other factors ...
Puget Sound Energy - Controversies
... including potentially selective catalytic reduction, is being questioned by IRP (Integrated Resource Plan) participants, but PSE refuses to perform the required IRP public accountability of this ... PSE actions at the state-required bi-annual Integrated Resource Plan's IRP Planning Group ...
Independent Reconfiguration Panel
... The Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) is the independent expert on National Health Service (NHS) service change in the United Kingdom ... Set up in 2003, the IRP advises the Secretary of State for Health on contested proposals for health service change in England ... The IRP also offers informal support and guidance to the NHS and other organisations on achieving successful change ...
Accident Prevention - International Organizations - International Recovery Platform
... The International Recovery Platform (IRP) was conceived at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDR) in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan in January 2005 ... platform of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) system, IRP is a key pillar for the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) 2005–2015 Building the ... The key role of IRP is to identify gaps and constraints experienced in post disaster recovery and to serve as a catalyst for the development of tools, resources, and capacity for resilient ...