HWDP or ChWDP (read ha-voo-de-pe) is a frequently used acronym of a Polish vulgar phrase chuj w dupę policji, meaning literally, "a dick up the police's ass." The HWDP form is sometimes incorrectly rendered as hak w dupę policji, which literally means "hook into the ass of police," in order to hide what is commonly known to be a spelling mistake—the letter H instead of Ch. However, it is shown in the Polish PWN dictionary that both forms chuj and huj are ortographically correct; thus, the form HWDP is orthographically correct as well, and stands for huj w dupę policji. It is best compared to the English-language phrase ACAB ("All Cops Are Bastards").

This vulgar slogan, often written on a wall', is used as a form of provocation against the police, but also as a "trademark." Writing of the HWDP characters, visible from a great distance, is a de facto form of aggressive vandalism, which reasonably lowers the value of the flats near the marked objects. The habit of using the HWDP slogan is particularly popular amongst aggressive football fans, called pseudokibice (Polish "hooligans," that were part of the dres sub-culture of the beginning of the 21st century. The acronym appeared in hip hop music texts as well. It is a specific expression of protest against the authorities, and against "the system" in general.

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