Drill String

A drill string on a drilling rig is a column, or string, of drill pipe that transmits drilling fluid (via the mud pumps) and torque (via the kelly drive or top drive) to the drill bit. The term is loosely applied as the assembled collection of the drill pipe, drill collars, tools and drill bit. The drill string is hollow so that drilling fluid can be pumped down through it and circulated back up the annulus (the void between the drill string and the casing/open hole).

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Stuck Drill String - System Dynamics of Surface Resonant Vibrators
... motion from the surface into the work string at the surface ... The frequency of rotation, and hence vibration of the pipe string, is tuned to the resonant frequency of the system ... The system is defined as the surface resonant vibrator, pipe string, fish and retaining media ...
Types - Ram Blowout Preventer
... Pipe rams close around a drill pipe, restricting flow in the annulus (ring-shaped space between concentric objects) between the outside of the drill pipe and the wellbore, but do not obstruct ... off the well when the well does not contain a drill string or other tubing, and seal it ... Shear rams cut through the drill string or casing with hardened steel shears ...
List Of Components Of Oil Drilling Rigs - Explanation
... is the support structure for the equipment used to lower and raise the drill string into and out of the wellbore ... the spool, whose main function is to reel in/out the drill line to raise/lower the traveling block ... Drill Bit (#26) is a device attached to the end of the drill string that breaks apart the rock being drilled ...
Blowout Preventer - Use
... to Regulate and monitor wellbore pressure Center and hang off the drill string in the wellbore Shut in the well (e.g ... the wellhead (close off the wellbore) Sever the casing or drill pipe (in case of emergencies) ... In drilling a typical high-pressure well, drill strings are routed through a blowout preventer stack toward the reservoir of oil and gas ...
Drill Line
... In a drilling rig, the drill line is a multi-thread, twisted wire rope that is threaded or reeved through the traveling block and crown block to facilitate the lowering and lifting of the drill string into and out of ... To make a connection is to add another segment of drill pipe onto the top the drill string ... above the rotary table, stopping the mud pump, hanging off the drill string in the rotary table, unscrewing the kelly from the drill pipe below, swinging the kelly over to permit connecting it ...

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