Gronings (, locally ), in the dialect itself called Grunnegs or Grönnegs, is a collective name for some Friso-Saxon dialects spoken in the province of Groningen and around the Groningen border in Drenthe and Friesland. Gronings and the strongly related varieties in East-Frisia have a strong Frisian influence and take a remarkable position within the Low Saxon language. The dialect is characterized by a typical accent and vocabulary, which differ strongly from the other Low Saxon dialects.

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Gronings - Vocabulary
... As told before, the Gronings vocabulary is strongly related to East Frisian Low Saxon, Saterfrisian and West Frisian ... However, today the pure Gronings vocabulary is in decline ... More and more Gronings words are being replaced by “Groningized” Dutch words ...
East Frisian Low Saxon
... Saxon Language spoken in the Dutch province of Groningen, Gronings ... Examples East Frisian Low Saxon Gronings Northern Low Saxon English her beautiful, nice, fine was to happen to talk The standard greeting is Moin (moi in Gronings), used 24 ...