Gradual can also refer to a book collecting all the musical items of the Mass. The official such book for the Roman Rite is the Roman Gradual (in Latin, Graduale Romanum). Other such books include the Dominican Gradual.

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Privatization In Israel - Privatization Processes
... processes in Israel belong mainly to the following types Gradual Sale a gradual sale or dilution of the state’s holdings in the public body to the extent where the state would no longer have a ... A notable example for this is the gradual selling of the Israeli telecommunications provider "Bezeq" and the gradual selling of the Israeli banks, which ...
Roman Gradual - History
... Graduals, like the later Cantatory, may have originally included only the responsorial items, the Gradual, Alleluia, and Tract ... In 1908 a revised edition of the Roman Gradual was published ... That edition of the Roman Gradual was the basis also of a more general compilation of chants known as the Liber Usualis ...
Nubchen Sangye Yeshe - Works - Lamp For The Eye in Contemplation The Samten Migdron (Tib. BSam-gtan Mig-sgron.)
... Yeshe establishes a salient distinction within the Mahayana between the 'Gradual Vehicle of Bodhisattvas' (Sanskrit Bodhisattvayana) and the 'Sudden Mahayana' corresponding to the Dhyana, Ch’an or Zen school ... p.246) who mentions Huineng In his sutra, Hui-neng noted that no tradition is sudden or gradual, and that these adjectives should be applied to students ... Awakening is not posited as the result of a gradual development through paths and levels, but as an instantaneous breakthrough ...
Gradual Training
... the practice (patipatti) of his teaching as the gradual training (Pali anupubbasikkhā) because the eightfold path involves a process of mind-body transformation that unfolds over ... Just as the ocean has a gradual shelf, a gradual slope, a gradual inclination, with a sudden drop-off only after a long stretch, in the same way this discipline of Dhamma (dhamma-vinaya) has a ... Udana, 5.5 The emphasis on gradual training may be understood by the fact that just as the human habits which give rise to suffering have been built up ...
Subitism - Chinese Buddhism - Chán - Huineng
... from each other by the names "Sudden" (the South) and "Gradual" (the North), the question which sect they should follow baffled certain Buddhist ... The reason why the names 'Sudden' and 'Gradual' are given is that some disciples are superior to others in mental dispositions ... So far as the Dharma is concerned, the distinction of 'Sudden' and 'Gradual' does not exist ...

Famous quotes containing the word gradual:

    As a man has no right to kill one of his children if it is diseased or insane, so a man who has made the gradual and conscious expression of his personality in literature the aim of his life, has no right to suppress himself any carefully considered work which seemed good enough when it was written. Suppression, if it is deserved, will come rapidly enough from the same causes that suppress the unworthy members of a man’s family.
    —J.M. (John Millington)

    Through dinner she felt a gradual icy coldness stealing through her like novocaine. She had made up her mind. It seemed as if she had set the photograph of herself in her own place, forever frozen into a single gesture.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    Whatever my own practice may be, I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came in contact with the more civilized.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)