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HMS Forester (H74) - Service History - Russian Convoys, 1942
... PQ 14 to intercept a possible attack by German destroyers based at Kirkenes ... In the event, the Germans were forced back by bad weather ... On 1 May the crippled cruiser and its escorts were attacked by the German destroyers Z24, Z25 and Z7 Hermann Schoemann ...
Battles Of Narvik - First Naval Battle of Narvik
... Warburton-Lee † Friedrich Bonte † Strength 5 destroyers 10 destroyers Casualties and losses 2 destroyers sunk 1 destroyer heavily damaged 2 destroyers sunk 1 ammunition supply ... The 2nd Destroyer Flotilla—under Commodore Bernard Warburton-Lee and comprising five H-class destroyers (HMS Hardy (flagship), Hotspur, Havock ... The German destroyers Hermann Künne and Hans Lüdemann were anchored alongside the tanker Jan Wellem and refuelling when the British destroyer attack began at 0430 ...
HMS E18 - History - 1915
... Strangely there is no German claim of an attack on a submarine - the Zeppelins in the air that day in this area were, L4, L6 and L7, none of which sighted a submarine let alone attacked one ... German minesweeping divisions were exploding mines during the time of the alleged attack which could explain what the crew of E18 heard while submerged ... E18 encountered two German destroyers ...
Battles Of Narvik - German Invasion
9 April 1940 Location Narvik, Norway Result German victory Belligerents Norway Germany Commanders and leaders Per Askim Odd Isaachsen Willoch † Friedrich Bonte ... It consisted of 10 German destroyers of the 1934A and 1936 classes (Georg Thiele, Wolfgang Zenker, Bernd von Arnim, Erich Giese, Erich Koellner, Diether ... The troop-carrying destroyers were escorted most of the way by the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau ...
Supply Officer (Royal Navy) - Life As A Paymaster and Supply Officer
... During the First Battle of Narvik, in the Norway campaign, the destroyer leader HMS Hardy (Captain Bernard Warburton-Lee RN) was attacked by German destroyers in ... he saw that they were now heading for two German destroyers ... the Hardy were by now inoperable, but one of the stern guns was still banging away at the Germans who naturally returned fire into the burning wreck ...

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