Genera (operating System)

Genera (operating System)

Genera is a commercial operating system and development environment for Lisp machines developed by Symbolics. It is essentially a fork of an earlier operating system originating on the MIT AI Lab's Lisp machines which Symbolics had used in common with LMI and Texas Instruments. Genera is also sold by Symbolics as Open Genera, which runs Genera on computers based on an Alpha processor using Tru64 UNIX. This software is available as proprietary software. However, older versions are available as free software.

Genera is an example of an operating system written in Lisp. It is an object-oriented operating system.

Genera supports incremental and interactive development of complex software using a mix of programming styles with extensive support for object-oriented programming.

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Genera (operating System) - Releases
1982 Release 1982 ... Release 1983 ... Release 4.0 1984 Release 5.0 1985 Release 6.0,introduction of Symbolics Common Lisp,the Ephemeral Object Garbage ...

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