Eccentric Shaft

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Peristaltic Pump - Variations - 360 Degree Eccentric Design
... approach to peristaltic hose pump design employs a single oversized roller on an eccentric shaft that compresses an engineered, low friction hose through 360 degrees of ... uses a large diameter lubricated roller on an eccentric shaft that rolls over the hose ... In addition to less heat, an eccentric shaft hose pump functions with only a single compression of the hose per revolution ...
Wankel Engine - Applications - Automobile Racing
... intended for high-rpm use, a multi-piece eccentric shaft may be used, allowing additional bearings between rotors ... does increase the complexity of the eccentric shaft design, it has been used successfully in the Mazda's production three-rotor 20B-REW engine, as well as many low volume ... The C-111-2 4 Rotor Mercedes-Benz eccentric shaft for the KE Serie 70, Typ DB M950 KE409 is made in one piece ...
Wankel Engine - Design
... The central drive shaft, called the eccentric shaft or E-shaft, passes through the center of the rotor and is supported by fixed bearings ... The rotors ride on eccentrics (analogous to cranks) integral to the eccentric shaft (analogous to a crankshaft) ... The rotors both rotate around the eccentrics and make orbital revolutions around the eccentric shaft ...

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