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Mechanography - Fields of Application
... measurements methods like Chair Rising Test, Stand-up and Go test and others the maximum power output relative to body weight during a jump of maximum height measured by Mechanography is a much better reproducible ... Based on this test (maximum relative power output of a jump as high as possible) Runge et al ... of a fit population in order to match the individual power output in relation to bodyweight, age and gender Tsubaki showed when using identical selection criteria as Runge that the relative Power ...
Sporveisbussene - History
... They had Hall Scott gasoline engines with a power output of 48 kilowatts (64 hp), and stationed at Vålerenga Depot ... They had a six-cylinder engine with a power output of 110 horsepower (82 kW) ... orders included the Büssing Präfekt 12 and 13D and had a power output of 116 kilowatts (156 hp) ...
Deareating Feed Tank - Discussion
... A surge volume allows the plant to change bells (power output level) without running the feed pump dry or flooding the turbines ... The bell is increased, more power output demanded, the rate of feed is increased ... The bell is decreased, less power output demanded, the rate of feed is decreased ...
Lotus-Ford Twin Cam - Power Output
... The power output for roadgoing versions are as follows (official figures as claimed by Lotus) ...
SBB-CFF-FFS Am 4/6 1101 - Technology - Increasing The Power Output
... To increase the power output, the engineer turned his power controller, which had the following effects More fuel was injected into the combustion chamber The speed ...

Famous quotes containing the words output and/or power:

    Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother forty whacks;
    When she saw what she had done,
    She gave her father forty-one.
    —Anonymous. Late 19th century ballad.

    The quatrain refers to the famous case of Lizzie Borden, tried for the murder of her father and stepmother on Aug. 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts. Though she was found innocent, there were many who contested the verdict, occasioning a prodigious output of articles and books, including, most recently, Frank Spiering’s Lizzie (1985)

    As usurpation is the exercise of power, which another hath a right to, so tyranny is the exercise of power beyond right, which no body can have a right to. And this is making use of the power any one has in his hands, not for the good of those who are under it, but for his own private separate advantage.
    John Locke (1632–1704)