Dream Chaser

The Dream Chaser is a crewed suborbital and orbital vertical-takeoff, horizontal-landing (VTHL) lifting-body spaceplane being developed by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC). The Dream Chaser design is planned to carry up to seven people to and from low earth orbit. The vehicle would launch vertically on an Atlas V and land horizontally on conventional runways.

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Sierra Nevada Corporation - SpaceDev - Now SNC's Space Systems
... SNC is now developing an orbital spacecraft called the Dream Chaser ... Of the $50 million awarded in the phase 1 CCDev program, Dream Chaser's award represents the largest share of the funds ... million, ostensibly to continue development and testing of its Dream Chaser spacecraft ...
James Benson - Biography - SpaceDev
... from NASA and extended it to use for its new Dream Chaser suborbital spacecraft ... Later, the Dream Chaser became a candidate for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Program for delivering cargo to and from the International Space Station ... down as Chairman of SpaceDev and founded the Benson Space Company to pursue the Dream Chaser project ...
SpaceDev - Dream Chaser
... On November 16, 2005 SpaceDev announced its Dream Chaser concept for a four passenger sub-orbital and a six passenger orbital vehicle, both based on NASA's HL-20 "P ... SpaceDev's suborbital Dream Chaser will use internal hybrid rocket motors similar to those SpaceDev developed for Paul Allen's SpaceShipOne, while the ... Launch System, called the SpaceDev Dream Chaser ...

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