Distinction may refer to:

  • Two, or more, things being distinct from one another

Other articles related to "distinction":

Subitism - Chinese Buddhism - Chán - Huineng
... In the 8th century the distinction became part of a struggle for influence at the Chinese court by Shenhui, a student of Huineng ... one of the hallmarks of Chinese Chán, though the sharp distinction was softened by subsequent generations of Zen-practitioners ... (If a distinction exists) it exists in the fact that the founder of one school is a northern man, while the other is a southerner ...
Love Is Hell (Kitchens Of Distinction Album)
... is the debut album by British alternative rock/dream pop group Kitchens of Distinction, first released in April 1989 by One Little Indian Records in the UK ... Swales and the passionate lyrics and vocal delivery from Patrick Fitzgerald gave Kitchens of Distinction their own signature sound ...
Chaung-U - Distinction
... Another distinction of the town is of having the most aging festival of Maha Pawah Rāna of the whole township on Thidingyut Full Moon Day every year ...
Scholarship Level
... Results were graded 'Distinction' (1), 'Merit' (2) or 'Unclassified' (U) ... Higher Maths papers were not marked unless at least 75(Distinction) was secured in the A level Pure and/or Applied mathematics papers ... on the paper to be sufficient to secure a distinction (75) ...
Madhyamākalaṃkāra - Five Assertions - Fifth Assertion
... part, he does this by noting that a clear distinction can be made when one is analyzing for each case, including the use of two different approaches of valid cognition — one for the conventional domain and one used ... students closer to the ultimate view, pointing out that the distinction between Prasangika and Svatantrika is really one of how one talks to students about ... Further Mipham concludes that Je Tsongkhapa by making a distinction of true establishment is also proposing a Svatantrika approach instead of a truly Prasangika approach ...

Famous quotes containing the word distinction:

    The distinction between children and adults, while probably useful for some purposes, is at bottom a specious one, I feel. There are only individual egos, crazy for love.
    Don Barthelme (1931–1989)

    We mustn’t be stiff and stand-off, you know. We must be thoroughly democratic, and patronize everybody without distinction of class.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)