Depth(s) may refer to:

  • Three-dimensional space
  • Depth (ring theory), an important invariant of rings and modules in commutative and homological algebra
  • Depth in a well, the measurement between two points in an oil well
  • Color depth (or "number of bits" or "bit depth") in computer graphics
  • Market depth, in financial markets, the size of an order needed to move the market a given amount
  • Moulded depth, a nautical measurement

In art and entertainment:

  • Depths (novel), a novel by Henning Mankell
  • Depths (album), an album by Oceano
  • "Depths" (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Depth, the Japanese title for the PlayStation game released in Europe under the name Fluid

Other articles related to "depth":

USS Wenonah (SP-165) - World War I Service - Antisubmarine Warfare
... Wenonah dropped a single depth charge in the vicinity of the sinking ship then busied herself with rescue operations ... She dropped a single depth charge near the sinking ship, but it failed to detonate ... Again, her British depth charge failed to function ...
Philippine Trench
... Its deepest point, the Galathea Depth, has a depth of 10,540 metres (5,760 fathoms 34,600 feet) ... an expedition of HMS Challenger measured a depth of 10,863 metres (5,940 fathoms 35,640 feet) in the Mariana Trench, the Galathea Depth was the greatest known ...
Draget Canal - Depth
... In the charts, the depth of the channel is noted as 1.5 meters, although signs at the ends of the canal state it is 2.0 meters ...
HMS Graph - Royal Navy Service - Trials
... Her safe diving depth was discovered to be 230 metres (750 ft)—much deeper than the British thought for this kind of boat ... At the time, Royal Navy depth charges had a maximum depth setting of 170 metres (560 ft) so the Germans could dive out of their reach ... Depth charges were soon modified to take account of this ...
Soaps In Depth
... Soaps In Depth is a series of magazines created in 1997 by Bauer Publications to give American soap opera viewers more variety in their soap-related magazine purchases ... in which all soap operas are covered, Soaps In Depth gave the soap viewer and potential shopper three choices ABC Soaps In Depth, CBS Soaps In Depth, and NBC Soaps In Depth ...

Famous quotes containing the word depth:

    It is thus that the few rare lucid well-disposed people who have had to struggle on the earth find themselves at certain hours of the day or night in the depth of certain authentic and waking nightmare states, surrounded by the formidable suction, the formidable tentacular oppression of a kind of civic magic which will soon be seen appearing openly in social behavior.
    Antonin Artaud (1896–1948)

    People who comprehend a thing in all its depth seldom remain true to it forever. For they have brought its very depth to light: and there is always so much nastiness to see there.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Narrowed-down by her early editors and anthologists, reduced to quaintness or spinsterish oddity by many of her commentators, sentimentalized, fallen-in-love with like some gnomic Garbo, still unread in the breadth and depth of her full range of work, she was, and is, a wonder to me when I try to imagine myself into that mind.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)