• (adj): The least possible.
    Example: "Minimum wage"
    Synonyms: minimal
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Some articles on minimum:

Edge Cover
... In computer science, the minimum edge cover problem is the problem of finding an edge cover of minimum size ... Covering-packing dualities Covering problems Packing problems Minimum set cover Maximum set packing Minimum vertex cover Maximum matching Minimum edge cover Maximum independent set ...
List Of U.S. Minimum Wages
... This is a list of the minimum wages (per hour) in each state and territory of the United States, for jobs covered by federal minimum wage laws ... Act, then state, city, or other local laws may determine the minimum wage ... A common exemption to the federal minimum wage is a company having revenue of less than $500,000 per year while not engaging in any interstate commerce ...
List Of Countries' Copyright Length - Table Notes
... no more specific information is available for a country, an indication of its probable minimum copyright term can be gained from its status as a signatory of the Berne Convention ("Berne ... a member of the WTO ("TRIPS") minimum term of life + 50 years ...
Common Minimum Programme
... The Common Minimum Programme is a document outlining the minimum objectives of a coalition government in India ...
Types Of Business Entity - Iceland
... (UK) Minimum capital ISK 500,000 (£2,750 €3,260 $4,250) ... Minimum shareholders 1 ... (hlutafélag) ≈ plc (UK) Minimum capital ISK 4,000,000 (£22,000 €26,100 $34,000) ...

More definitions of "minimum":

  • (noun): The point on a curve where the tangent changes from negative on the left to positive on the right.
  • (noun): The smallest possible quantity.
    Synonyms: lower limit

Famous quotes containing the word minimum:

    There are ... two minimum conditions necessary and sufficient for the existence of a legal system. On the one hand those rules of behavior which are valid according to the system’s ultimate criteria of validity must be generally obeyed, and on the other hand, its rules of recognition specifying the criteria of legal validity and its rules of change and adjudication must be effectively accepted as common public standards of official behavior by its officials.
    —H.L.A. (Herbert Lionel Adolphus)

    After decades of unappreciated drudgery, American women just don’t do housework any more—that is, beyond the minimum that is required in order to clear a path from the bedroom to the front door so they can get off to work in the mourning.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (20th century)