Delaware Biotechnology Institute

The Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI) at the University of Delaware is a partnership among government, academia and industry to help establish the First State as a center of excellence in biotechnology and the life sciences. The Institute's mission is to facilitate a biotechnology network of people and core instrumentation to enhance existing academic and private-sector research, catalyze unique cross-disciplinary research and education initiatives, and to foster the entrepreneurship that creates high-quality jobs.

Adjacent to the University of Delaware main campus, DBI's 72,000 sq ft (6,700 m2) research facility is located in the 40-acre (160,000 m2) Delaware Technology Park, home to a range of established and new technology businesses. The DBI laboratory houses more than 180 faculty and students, allowing for valuable collaborations and the opportunity to share the institute's professionally managed core instrumentation centers.

Research at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute has application in agriculture, environmental science, and human health, featuring leading-edge work in bioinformatics, genomics and small RNA biology, materials science, molecular medicine and proteomics.

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