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CD-ROM XA - CD-ROM Drives - Transfer Rates
... music CDs (1× or 1-speed which gives a data transfer rate of 150 KiB/s). 2½ minutes at 52× CAV, increases in actual data transfer rate are decreasingly influential on overall effective drive speed when taken into consideration with other factors ... If a CD-ROM is read at the same rotational speed as an audio CD, the data transfer rate is 150 KiB/s, commonly referred to as "1×" ...
Portable Hard Drives - Performance Characteristics - Data Transfer Rate
... As of 2010, a typical 7,200-rpm desktop HDD has a sustained "disk-to-buffer" data transfer rate up to 1,030 Mbits/sec ... This rate depends on the track location the rate is higher for data on the outer tracks (where there are more data sectors per rotation) and lower toward the ... computer, and thus is still comfortably ahead of today's disk-to-buffer transfer rates ...
Linear Tape-Open - Ultrium - Generations
2012 TBA TBA Native Data Capacity 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB 800 GB 1.5 TB 2.5 TB 6.4 TB 12.8 TB Max Speed (MB/s) 472 ... Compression Capable? ALDC "21 ... Initial data transfer speed of 20 MB/s (maximum) Tape encoding is RLL 1,7 LTO-2 First mechanisms approved in February 2003 ... Increased data transfer speed to 40 MB/s (maximum) ...
Effective Data Transfer Rate
... In telecommunication, effective data transfer rate is the average number of units of data, such as bits, characters, blocks, or frames, transferred per unit time from a source and accepted ... Note The effective data transfer rate is usually expressed in bits, characters, blocks, or frames per second ... The effective data transfer rate may be averaged over a period of seconds, minutes, or hours ...
Data8 - Generations - Exabyte 8 Mm
1987 -- EXB-8200 Full-Height form factor 246 kB/s data transfer rate EXB-8200SX model features high-speed search 1990 -- EXB-8500 Full-Height form factor 500 kB/s data transfer rate ...

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