• (adj): Exerting force or influence.
    Example: "The law is effective immediately"
    Synonyms: good, in effect, in force
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More definitions of "effective":

  • (adj): Able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively.
    Example: "People who will do nothing unless they get something out of it for themselves are often highly effective persons..."-G.B.Shaw; "effective personnel"
    Synonyms: efficient
  • (adj): Works well as a means or remedy.
    Example: "An effective reprimand"; "a lotion that is effective in cases of prickly heat"
  • (adj): Existing in fact; not theoretical; real.
    Example: "A decline in the effective demand"; "confused increased equipment and expenditure with the quantity of effective work done"
  • (adj): Equipped and ready for service.
    Example: "The fort was held by about 100 effective soldiers"
  • (adj): Producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect.
    Example: "An air-cooled motor was more effective than a witch's broomstick for rapid long-distance transportation"-LewisMumford; "effective teaching methods"; "effective steps toward peace"; "made an effective entrance"
    Synonyms: effectual, efficacious

Famous quotes containing the word effective:

    Watteau is no less an artist for having painted a fascia board while Sainsbury’s is no less effective a business for producing advertisements which entertain and educate instead of condescending and exploiting.
    Stephen Bayley (b. 1951)

    Social questions are too sectional, too topical, too temporal to move a man to the mighty effort which is needed to produce great poetry. Prison reform may nerve Charles Reade to produce an effective and businesslike prose melodrama; but it could never produce Hamlet, Faust, or Peer Gynt.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    ... effective magic is transcendent nature ...
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)