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AWK Commands - The print Command
... a predefined string called the output record separator (ORS) whose default value is a newline ... The simplest form of this command is print This displays the contents of the current record ... In AWK, records are broken down into fields, and these can be displayed separately print $1 Displays the first field of the current record print $1, $3 Displays the first and third fields of the current record ...
University Of North Dakota Men's Ice Hockey - 2012-13 Season Statistics - Current Record
... University of North Dakota record Overall Record WCHA Record Home, Away, Neutral, Exhibition 10-5-3 7-2-3 (17 pts.) 4-1-3, 5-4-0, 1-0-0, 2-0-0 University of North Dakota Team Summary Situation ...
List Of Fighting Spirit Characters - Kamogawa Gym - Others
... hardcore fight fan hero Emanuel Augustus for their offbeat fighting styles and records ... His current record stands at 20 Matches 11-6-4 (W-L-D), with 6 KOs, and the best rank he reached is 1st in Lightweight ... His current record stands at 24 Matches 17-5-3 (W-L-D), with 8 KOs, and the best rank he reach is 3rd in Jr ...
Tucker Fredricks - Current Record
... Personal records Men's speed skating Distance Time Date Location Notes 500 m 34.31 November 17, 2007 Calgary, Canada American Record 500 m x 2 68.98 November 17, 2007 Calgary ...
2004–05 In English Football - Diary of The Season
20 July 2004 – Chelsea pay a club record £24million for Ivorian striker Didier Drogba from Olympique Marseille and also sign midfielder Tiago from Benfica for £8million ... The record was previously held by Nottingham Forest, with 42 from November 1977 to September 1978 ... still only 18, leaves Everton for Manchester United in a £27million deal – a world record for a teenager ...

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    Yesterday the Electoral Commission decided not to go behind the papers filed with the Vice-President in the case of Florida.... I read the arguments in the Congressional Record and can’t see how lawyers can differ on the question. But the decision is by a strictly party vote—eight Republicans against seven Democrats! It shows the strength of party ties.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    You will belong to that minority which, according to current Washington doctrine, must be protected in its affluence lest its energy and initiative be impaired. Your position will be in contrast to that of the poor, to whom money, especially if it is from public sources, is held to be deeply damaging.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)