Crux ( /ˈkrʌks/) is the smallest of the 88 modern constellations, but is one of the most distinctive. Its name is Latin for cross, and it is dominated by a cross-shaped asterism that is commonly known as the Southern Cross.

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Crux (comics) - Additional Characters
... Crux #15) Anciently battled invaders from another planet and their genetically-altered beast servants, the last of whom was "locked in eternal combat" with him in a stasis field under a ... (Crux #14) Released from stasis by Tug and Verityn ... influenced by the Book of Helgadae...epic poem of Tholan's quest..." (Crux #20) Stayed behind during transition ...
Cóndor Crux, La Leyenda
... Cóndor Crux, la leyenda (English Condor Crux, the Legend) is a 2000 Argentine animated adventure film written and directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini and Swan Glecer ...
Crux - Namesakes
... USS Crux (AK-115) was a United States Navy Crater class cargo ship named after the constellation ...
List Of Characters In Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Gaudium - Crux
... Voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Samantha Inoue-Harte (English) Crux (クルクス, Kurukusu?) is a small fairy marionette brought to life by Oscha whose job it is to spy on Kaze the Hayakawa twins Yu ... Crux's entire vocabulary is made up of "kukuruyu" ... Periodically abused by the Lords of Gaudium, Crux developed feelings for Makenshi when he saved her life ...
Lego Universe - Story - Worlds - Crux Prime
... Crux Prime was the largest of the planetary fragments created in Crux's explosion, and is positioned directly opposite of the Maelstrom ... There are only 7 characters that the player can interact with in Crux Prime ... leader enemies show up in a slightly different colour from other Crux Prime invaders ...

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    This is the crux of the moral pessimists: if they really wanted to promote their neighbor’s redemption, then they would have to resolve themselves to spoiling existence for him, and thus to being his misfortune; out of pity, they would have to—become evil!
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)