Binary Compatible

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Portable Executable - Use On Other Operating Systems
... The PE format is also used by ReactOS, as ReactOS is intended to be binary-compatible with Windows ... As the Mono development platform intends to be binary compatible with Microsoft.NET, it uses the same PE format as the Microsoft implementation ... Mac OS X 10.5 has the ability to load and parse PE files, but is not binary compatible with Windows ...
Zilog Z80 - Second Sources and Derivatives - Derivatives
... Compatible with the original Z80 Hitachi developed the HD64180, a microcoded and partially dynamic Z80 in CMOS, with on chip peripherals and a simple MMU giving a 1 MB address space ... The 32-bit Z80 compatible Zilog Z380, introduced 1994, has survived but never gained real momentum it is used mainly in telecom equipment ... Zilog's fully pipelined Z80 compatible eZ80 with an 8/16/24-bit word length and a linear 16 MB address space was introduced in 2001 ...
Small Device C Compiler - Supported Target Architectures
... Zilog Z80 and binary compatible derivatives such as the eZ80 ... Rabbit 2000 and the binary compatible derivative Rabbit 3000 ... Rabbit 3000A and binary compatible derivatives such as the Rabbit 4000 ...

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    English general and singular terms, identity, quantification, and the whole bag of ontological tricks may be correlated with elements of the native language in any of various mutually incompatible ways, each compatible with all possible linguistic data, and none preferable to another save as favored by a rationalization of the native language that is simple and natural to us.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)