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IBM System Z10 - Models - Business Class
... It has the same processor chip design and instruction set as the z10 EC but with higher manufacturing yields (3.5 GHz clock speed, one core per chip disabled) and lower cost processor packaging due to ...
Chip - Other
... Buffalo chip or cow dung, dried bovine feces DNA chip, a synonym for DNA microarray Paint chip, a piece of dried paint Woodchip, a small piece of wood produced by woodchipping Swarf, shavings and ...
Motorola G5 Project
... It has been suggested that Motorola had a working "G5" chip, but said chip failed in the early stages of mass production and thus could not be widely made into a usable chip ...
Flip Chip (trademark)
... Flip-Chip modules were used in the DEC PDP-7 (referred to in documentation as the "FLIP CHIP"), PDP-8, PDP-9 and PDP-10, beginning on August 24, 1964 ... The trademark "Flip-Chip"' was filed on August 27, 1964 ... as various manuals refer to it as "FLIP CHIP", "Flip Chip", "FLIP-CHIP", and "Flip-Chip", with trademark and registered trademark symbols ...
... Radio-on-a-chip or RoC systems are single-chip devices that incorporate a receiver, an amplifier, and power management into a single chip, which can thus be embedded into very small or even portable ... Of all System-on-a-chip implementations, RoC holds some of the greatest promise for computer networks, due to the chip's ability to act as a Wireless access point ...

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    Look Johnny, Spig just joined the Navy. I’m married to it. I run the mess hall. I swab the deck. I chip the rust. You’re afraid that they’ll kick Spig out of the Navy. I’m afraid that they won’t.
    Frank Fenton, William Wister Haines, co-scenarist, and John Ford. Minne Wead (Maureen O’Hara)