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UK Singles Chart Records And Statistics - Biggest Selling Single Not To Top The Chart
... The single itself sold 1.45 million copies and even managed a first week sale of 0.5 million, meaning it would have easily topped the chart any other week ... The biggest selling single to peak at #3 is New Order's "Blue Monday", which has sold just over a million copies ... said this was not achieved on its own merit, because its two remixes caused the single to be re-issued twice, pushing up sales ...
Tears (Ken Dodd Song)
... It was made famous by Ken Dodd as a single, released in 1965 ... It became a #1 hit in the UK Singles Chart and the biggest selling single of 1965 ... His debut single, "Love is like a Violin" reached #8 in 1960 ...

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    My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical,
    Shakes so my single state of man,
    That function is smothered in surmise,
    And nothing is but what is not.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    In everything from athletic ability to popularity to looks, brains, and clothes, children rank themselves against others. At this age [7 and 8], children can tell you with amazing accuracy who has the coolest clothes, who tells the biggest lies, who is the best reader, who runs the fastest, and who is the most popular boy in the third grade.
    Stanley I. Greenspan (20th century)

    By bourgeoisie is meant the class of modern capitalists, owners of the means of social production and employers of wage labor. By proletariat, the class of modern wage laborers who, having no means of production of their own, are reduced to selling their labor power in order to live.
    Friedrich Engels (1820–1895)