Who is stanley i. greenspan?

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    In everything from athletic ability to popularity to looks, brains, and clothes, children rank themselves against others. At this age [7 and 8], children can tell you with amazing accuracy who has the coolest clothes, who tells the biggest lies, who is the best reader, who runs the fastest, and who is the most popular boy in the third grade.
    Stanley I. Greenspan (20th century)

    As your baby progresses from one milestone to the next, remember that he doesn’t really leave any of them behind. In order to grow and develop to his full potential he must continually build on and strengthen all of the steps that have gone before.
    Stanley I. Greenspan (20th century)

    If the child knows the rewards and punishments in advance and knows that his parents will stick to them, the parents can actually empathize with the child’s plight while, at the same time, creating a firm sense of structure.... Your child will sense your resolve and your empathywhether you do this with words or just a sense of warmth.
    —Stanley I. Greenspan (20th century)

    Then I will no longer
    Find myself in life as in a strange garment
    —William Stanley Merwin (b. 1927)