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Lamta Archaeological Museum
... The Lamta Archaeological Museum is a Tunisian archaeological museum, located in Lamta ...
Vergina Sun - Interpretations
... Relief at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens A drawing of the "stele of Aristion", from the collections of Harvard University, 1894 Modern reconstruction of the original polychrome of the "stele of ... Istanbul Archaeological Museum Achilles and Ajax playing a board game ... Amphora by Exekias, 6th century BC, Vatican Museum Heracles fighting the Amazons ...
Archaeological Museum Of Amphipolis
... The Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis is a museum in Amphipolis, Central Macedonia, Greece ... just above the mouth of the River Strymon, is the archaeological site of ancient Amphipolis (a city founded in 437 bc) and the Archaeological Museum ... The museum contains many items related to the history and civilisation of Amphipolis dating from the Archaic to Christian periods ...
List Of Museums In Tunisia
... Following is a sortable list of museums in Tunisia ... Year established Official website Coordinates Bardo National Museum Musée national du Bardo المتحف الوطني بباردو Tunis national 36°48 ...
Bavarian State Archaeological Collection - Branch Facilities
... The Bavarian State Archaeological Collection maintains several local branches in Bavaria Aichach The Wittelsbachermuseum (Wittelsbach Museum), founded in 1989, documents the history of the region, in ... Amberg The Archäologisches Museum der Oberpfalz Amberg (Amberg Archaeological Museum of the Upper Palatinate), founded in 1991 and now housed within the city museum, portrays the history of the Upper Palatinate ... Bad Königshofen The Archäologisches Museum Bad Königshofen im Grabfeld (Archaeological Museum of Bad Königshofen in the Grabfeld), founded in 1988, emphasises the prehistory and ...

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