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Archaeology in Geldrop
... has proven a fertile ground for archaeological digs, with finds from various historical and prehistorical eras ... Through the years, several archaeological finds were made which testify to prehistoric occupants ... Ahrensburg culture placed their tents, the finds on the Geldrops grounds included, among other things, two toes with engraving ...
When I'm Gone (Eminem Song) - Music Video
... Then, he finds himself in a hotel room and then on a stage where he raps ... At the end of his performance on the stage, he finds his daughter has followed him and tells him of the divorce ... He then finds himself back at home playing with his daughters on the swing ...
Sixteen Candles - Plot
... At school she fares no better when she finds out that a completed "sex quiz," which she tried to surreptitiously slip to her friend, never reached her ... senior dance that night and, to Sam's amazement, it takes "The Donger" only five minutes to find an unlikely girlfriend — the tallish, large-breasted jock, Marlene, nicknamed "Lumberjack. 1 admission peepshow of Sam's panties, which Sam finds out about the next day), Ted and his equally unwelcome geeky friends, Cliff and Bryce (John Cusack), go to ...
No Comebacks - List of Stories and Plots
... (instead of Macomber) battles a monster blue marlin, and finds something besides pain ... A hapless crew of Irish trucking hijackers finds themselves with an odiferous load of rose fertilizer instead of fine brandy ... with Menaces A milquetoast senior insurance company officer finds himself being neatly blackmailed for the first sexual misadventure of his life ...
Jackie Chan Adventures (video Game) - Talismans
... Jackie finds it in a Mexican temple ... Jackie finds it in a Mexican temple ... Jackie finds it in a Mexican village, being used by El Toro ...

Famous quotes containing the word finds:

    Nor has science sufficient humanity, so long as the naturalist overlooks the wonderful congruity which subsists between man and the world; of which he is lord, not because he is the most subtile inhabitant, but because he is its head and heart, and finds something of himself in every great and small thing, in every mountain stratum, in every new law of color, fact of astronomy, or atmospheric influence which observation or analysis lay open.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    In England if something goes wrong—say, if one finds a skunk in the garden—he writes to the family solicitor, who proceeds to take the proper measures; whereas in America, you telephone the fire department. Each satisfies a characteristic need; in the English, love of order and legalistic procedure; and here in America, what you like is something vivid, and red, and swift.
    Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947)

    What is an artist? A provincial who finds himself somewhere between a physical reality and a metaphysical one.... It’s this in-between that I’m calling a province, this frontier country between the tangible world and the intangible one—which is really the realm of the artist.
    Frederico Fellini (b. 1920)