Aldus Corporation was a software company that developed desktop publishing software. It is known for developing PageMaker, an early product in the desktop publishing field. The company is named after 15th-century Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, and was founded by Jeremy Jaech, Mark Sundstrom, Mike Templeman, Dave Walter, and chairman Paul Brainerd. Aldus Corporation was based in Seattle, Washington.

PageMaker was released in July 1985, and relied on Adobe's PostScript page description language. For output, it used the Apple LaserWriter, a PostScript laser printer. PageMaker for the PC was released in 1986, but by then the Mac was already the de facto DTP platform, with Adobe Illustrator (released in 1987) and Adobe Photoshop (released in 1990) completing the suite of graphic design software.

Aldus went on to offer its Illustrator-like program, FreeHand, licensed from Altsys (who also developed Fontographer). FreeHand and Illustrator competed with each other for years, through multiple releases. This rivalry continued even after the Aldus acquisition, because FreeHand was not included, but Adobe eventually acquired Freehand in 2005 with its acquisition of then-owner Macromedia. Although still being sold by Adobe, FreeHand MX is no longer supported or updated.

In early 1990, Aldus bought Silicon Beach Software, acquiring a number of consumer titles for the Macintosh, including SuperPaint, Digital Darkroom, SuperCard, Super3D, and Personal Press (later renamed Adobe Home Publisher). Silicon Beach was located in San Diego, California, and became the Aldus Consumer Division.

In 1993, Aldus bought After Hours Software and incorporated its products, TouchBase Pro and DateBook Pro, into the Aldus Consumer Division.

During the 1990s, QuarkXPress steadily won ground from PageMaker, and it seemed increasingly odd that Adobe — who had created PostScript, so vital to the working of DTP — still did not offer its own page layout application. This was resolved in September 1994 when Aldus merged with Adobe. Today, Adobe's competition to QuarkXPress is Adobe InDesign. PageMaker remains available but is no longer marketed; existing PageMaker customers are now urged to switch to InDesign.

Aldus developed the TIFF and OPI industry standards. The three founders of Visio Corporation left Aldus in 1990 to create the product that later became known as Microsoft Office Visio.

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Aɪˈtælɪk - History
... Italic type was first used by Aldus Manutius and the Aldine Press in 1501, in an edition of Virgil dedicated to Italy ... In 1501 Aldus wrote to his friend Scipio We have printed, and are now publishing, the Satires of Juvenal and Persius in a very small format, so that they may ... The Venetian Senate gave Aldus exclusive right to its use, a patent confirmed by three successive Popes, but it was widely counterfeited ...
Aldus Prepress Group
... Aldus Prepress Group was started by Ranjit Mulgaonkar and Michael Reiher in 1990 ... The Aldus Prepress products were used by trade shops and service bureaus around the world ... After the Adobe acquisition/merger of Aldus Corporation, the product-line was acquired by Luminous Corporation on January 12, 1996 ...
Manutius - Publishing Legacy
... and printer of the Venetian High Renaissance, Aldus set up a definite scheme of book design, produced the first italic type, introduced small and handy pocket editions (octa ... He and his grandson Aldus Manutius the Younger, also a printer, are credited with introducing a standardized system of punctuation ... The software company Aldus was named after him ...
Manutius - Publishing Legacy - Imprint and Motto
... In 1501, Aldus began to use as his publisher's device, the image of a dolphin wrapped around an anchor ... Aldus adapted the image from the reverse of ancient Roman coins issued during the reigns of the Emperors Titus and Domitian, AD 80-82 ... with "Festina lente" (Hasten slowly), a motto that Aldus had begun to use as early as 1499, after receiving a Roman coin from Pietro Bembo, which bore the emblem ...
Aldus Photo Styler
... Aldus PhotoStyler was developed by the Taiwanese company Ulead ... The Aldus Prepress group identified the product as a potential acquisition for Aldus since they did not have an imaging product that could compete with Adobe ... The acquisition was completed in 1992 and Aldus PhotoStyler was launched ...