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British And Irish Stained Glass (1811–1918) - Influences On The Revival of Stained Glass - Philosophic
... The movement gained impetus- Sir Walter Scott built himself a Scottish Baronial mansion, Abbotsford the castles of Warwick, Arundel and Windsor were refurbished by their owners ... The movement was just as strong in Germany where "Mad" King Ludwig II of Bavaria indulged his medievalism by building the Disneyland icon of Neuschwanstein ... The Oxford Movement Begun in Oxford in 1833 by the theologian John Keble and supported by John Henry Newman, the Oxford Movement stressed the universality or "catholic" nature of the Christian ...
Index Of Philosophy Articles (A–C) - A
... book) Aequiprobabilism Aesara Aeschines of Neapolis Aeschines of Sphettus Aesthetic distance Aesthetic emotions Aesthetic of Ugliness Aesthetic Realism Aesthetic ... American Empire (style) American Enlightenment American Indian Movement American Journal of Bioethics American Philosophical Association American Philosophical ... Apperception Appiano Buonafede Applicative Universal Grammar Applied aesthetics Applied art Applied ethics Applied ontology Applied philosophy ...
Bunthorne - Background
... The opera is a satire on the aesthetic movement of the 1870s and '80s in England, part of the 19th-century European movement that emphasised aesthetic values over moral or social themes ... of poets, painters and designers was prolific, some argued that the movement's art, poetry and fashion was empty and self-indulgent ... This artistic movement was so popular, and also so easy to ridicule as a meaningless fad, that it made Patience a big hit ...
Grosvenor Gallery - History
... But the aesthetic movement was by its very nature eclectic, and therefore classical themes represent only one among many possible sources of inspiration ... as the Grosvenor proved to be for the Aesthetic Movement, it did not cause the bitter rivalry between painters of the establishment and outsiders that took place in France for ... for this reason, painters of all schools and aesthetic tendencies socialized together ...

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    Suppose these houses are composed of ourselves,
    So that they become an impalpable town, full of
    Impalpable bells, transparencies of sound,
    Sounding in the transparent dwellings of the self,
    Impalpable habitations that seem to move
    In the movement of the colors of the mind....
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    An aesthetic movement with a revolutionary dynamism and no popular appeal should proceed quite otherwise than by public scandal, publicity stunt, noisy expulsion and excommunication.
    Cyril Connolly (1903–1974)