• (adv): On a ship, train, plane or other vehicle.
    Synonyms: onboard
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Some articles on aboard:

James Eaton - Career
... He was serving aboard the 74-gun HMS Hannibal during the Battle of Algeciras Bay on 6 July 1801 ... Eaton was repatriated at some stage and by 1803 was a midshipman aboard HMS Atalante when she cut out several vessels in Quiberon Bay ... He was appointed signal midshipman aboard HMS Temeraire by 1805, and served as such at Trafalgar, being promoted to lieutenant the following year ...
Peter De Neumann - World War II
... on 17 May 1941, and Neumann volunteered as Second Officer aboard the Royal Navy prize vessel Criton (captured from the Vichy French) ... was eventually released at the end of December 1942, and arrived back in the UK aboard HMS Asturias in mid-January 1943 ...
John H. Sides - Early Career
... Commissioned ensign, he served four years aboard the battleship Tennessee before being dispatched to the Asiatic Station with the destroyer John D ... in 1934, and in May began two years as assistant fire control officer aboard the light cruiser Cincinnati ... He commanded Tracy until November 1940, then reported aboard the light cruiser Savannah as gunnery officer ...
... Navy to deploy aboard an aircraft carrier, the escort carrier Rendova (CVE-114) ... to the Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat helicopter and first deployed aboard the Boxer (CV-21) in 1956 ... This was followed by a cruise aboard the Princeton again in 1958 ...
Automated Storage And Retrieval System - Man-aboard AS/RS
... A man-aboard AS/RS offers significant floorspace savings ... Man-aboard automated storage and retrieval systems are far and away the most expensive picker-to-stock equipment alternative ... because vertical travel is slow compared to horizontal travel, typical picking rates in man-aboard operations range between 40 and 250 lines per person-hour ...

More definitions of "aboard":

  • (adv): Part of a group.
    Example: "Bill's been aboard for three years now"
  • (adv): On first or second or third base.
    Example: "Their second homer with Bob Allison aboard"
    Synonyms: on base
  • (adv): Side by side.
    Example: "Anchored close aboard another ship"
    Synonyms: alongside

Famous quotes containing the word aboard:

    Our Lamaze instructor . . . assured our class . . . that our cervix muscles would become “naturally numb” as they swelled and stretched, and deep breathing would turn the final explosions of pain into “manageable discomfort.” This descriptions turned out to be as accurate as, say a steward advising passengers aboard the Titanic to prepare for a brisk but bracing swim.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)