Zarahemla( /zɛr.əˈhɛm.lə/) is the name of a prominent land, a capital city, and a leader in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is revered by members of various Latter Day Saint churches as sacred scripture.

Some LDS speculate that the name “Zarahemla” is a compound Biblical Hebrew name זֶרַע חֶמְלָה Zéraʻ Ḥemlah meaning "seed of compassion". Others interpret the name differently.

Some interpret Doctrine & Covenants 125:3 as suggesting that the Book of Mormon’s Zarahemla coincides with an 1841 Mormon settlement within the borders of the state of Iowa, west of the Mississippi River. Others point out that LDS scripture does not actually state that the settlement “Zarahemla” was established on the same spot as the notable Book of Mormon city or land. Mormons have similarly given Book of Mormon names to other towns.

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