Zalman Tech Co. is a Korean company that develops and provides aftermarket desktop computer products with primary focus on cooling enhancement.

Zalman has done considerable product development since its 1999 founding, and now holds several patents focusing on both cooling and fan noise-reduction. Personal computer systems can generate significant heat and noise, the management of which is important for those modifying or assembling computer systems. Zalman's product range includes specialized heat sink and fan solutions for CPUs, as well as quiet power supplies, computer water cooling systems, motherboard chipset coolers, graphics card heat sink and fan combos, laptop coolers, cases, and hard disk cases that lower temperature and reduce noise.

Zalman's primary competitors include: Vantec, Thermaltake, Spire, Cooler Master and Arctic.

Zalman was the first manufacturer of a completely fanless case. It used a fin based design to dissipate heat with heat generating components like the graphics card and motherboard transferring heat to the case body via a system of heat pipes and radiators.

Zalman introduced the CNPS9500AM2 which is the first heatsink meant specifically for socket AM2 compatibility on May 23, 2006.

Zalman also broke into the headphone market with its 5.1 headphone system, ZM-RS6F/M.

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