Xtort - Track Listing

Track Listing

All information from 2007 release CD booklet.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Power" Sascha Konietzko, G√ľnter Schulz 5:26
2. "Apathy" Mark Durante, Konietzko, Schulz 3:11
3. "Rules" Chris Connelly, Durante, Konietzko, Schulz 4:07
4. "Craze" Connelly, Konietzko, Schulz 3:34
5. "Dogma" Nicole Blackman, F. M. Einheit, Konietzko, Schulz 4:06
6. "Inane" Durante, Konietzko, Schulz 5:30
7. "Blame" Connelly, Konietzko, Schulz 4:06
8. "Son of a Gun" Konietzko, Schulz, Jon Van Eaton 4:23
9. "Ikons" Connelly, Einheit, Konietzko, Schulz 4:12
10. "Wrath" Konietzko, Schulz, Van Eaton 5:29
11. "Fairy" (originally a hidden track at the end of "Wrath" on Wax Trax!/TVT release) Jr Blackmail, Konietzko, Schulz 4:27
Total length: 48:31

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