Xtort, sometimes written XTOЯT, is the ninth studio album by industrial rock group KMFDM. It was released June 25, 1996 on Wax Trax!/TVT. It was recorded in Chicago, Illinois, shortly after the death of Wax Trax! co-founder and band friend Jim Nash, from the end of 1995 through early 1996, and featured a variety of guest artists from other industrial bands, but had limited participation from core member En Esch.

The album was highly promoted by TVT Records, who sent out tens of thousands of free copies of the first single, "Power". The band did their own form of anti-promotion as well, creating a press release that both insulted and hyped the coming set. Xtort was generally well received by critics, with many calling it superlative, and is the highest charting and best-selling KMFDM album to date. After the original release went out of print, a remastered version was released in 2007.

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