XT may refer to:

  • XT (band), a Swedish metal band
  • Canon Digital Rebel XT, a digital single-lens reflex camera
  • Ford XT Falcon, a car produced by the Ford Motor Company in Australia between 1968 and 1969
  • Subaru XT, a sports car
  • extra time, a term used in sport
  • Cross-training, a term used in sport

Other taxes and fees in a GDS system

  • Air Exel IATA code
  • Christmas tree (oil well)
  • XT Brewing Company, a UK based micro brewery
  • Bop It XT, Hasbro's 2011 electronic game.

In computing:

  • XT Mobile Network, a Telecom New Zealand mobile network
  • IBM PC XT, a personal computer
  • XT bus architecture
  • Crosstalk, an electrical interference caused by a wire carrying an electrical signal
  • the XT versions of Radeon graphics cards
  • XT (or XT), a video server from EVS Broadcast Equipment
  • XT XSLT, an implementation in Java of XSLT, created by James Clark
  • Intrinsics or X toolkit, or Xt, a library providing an object-oriented-looking API for the X Window System