Xiang may refer to:

  • Hunan, abbreviated as Xiang, a province of China
  • Xiang Chinese, a subdivision of Chinese language
  • Xiang, Chinese township, see Town (China)
  • Chinese family name, Xiang Xiu for instance
  • Xiang Army, Chinese army organized by Zeng Guofan in the Qing Dynasty
  • Xiang River, river in Hunan, China
  • Township (China), pinyin Xiang, basic level of political divisions in China
  • Xiang (place), place in China where Hong Xiuquan destroyed an idol
  • Xiang 象, the infamous stepbrother of Shun
  • Xiang of Xia 相, Chinese ruler ruler of the legendary Xia Dynasty
  • Duke Xiang of Song (died 637 BC), Duke of the state of Song in the Spring and Autumn Period
  • King Xiang of Zhou (died 619 BC), king the Chinese Zhou Dynasty