XETV-TV (branded as San Diego 6) is the local affiliate for The CW and the Spanish-language Canal 5 network for the San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area. Licensed to the city of Tijuana, Baja California by the Mexican government, it broadcasts an analog signal on VHF channel 6 and a multicast digital signal on UHF channel 23 from a transmitter on Tijuana's Mount San Antonio. XETV maintains studios on Ronson Road in the Kearny Mesa section of San Diego. The CW is broadcast exclusively on virtual digital channel 6.1, while the Canal 5 network is broadcast on virtual channel 6.2 and analog channel 6.

Owned by Mexico-based Grupo Televisa, XETV is operated in San Diego by Bay City Television, a U.S.-based programming and sales representative owned by Grupo Televisa since 1996, with the station serving the San Diego market under a Section 325(c) permit. XETV is one of three Televisa-owned stations in Tijuana; its sister stations are Televisa Regional outlet XEWT-TV and Canal de las Estrellas outlet XHUAA-TV.

The station can also be seen on Cox Communications and AT&T U-verse channel 6, and in high definition on Cox and AT&T U-verse channel 1006. XETV is carried on the DirecTV satellite service (as standard definition only "CW-W") to serve the few areas of the western United States where a CW affiliate is not receivable over-the-air or through cable television.

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